Tattoo Boogaloo Questions and Answers

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, we are currently appointment only.  We recommend checking out our portfolios, and contacting the artist that you would like to work with directly.  Each artists has different availability, but we are often book a few weeks or more out at a time. That being said, we do hope to see you in the shop soon!

How do I prepare for my tattoo?

Be sure to bring your ID or Passport, one that has not only your photograph, but also your birthday on it. Please wear appropriate clothing so you artist can easily get to the area that you will be getting tattooed. Also, eat a good meal right before your tattoo and stay hydrated.

Additionally, due to Covid-19, you will need to bring and wear a mask while getting tattooed, and the shop can get chilly with the ventilation system running, so be sure to bring some clothes to keep you warm, if you are getting tattooed where a large part of your body is exposed, fuzzy robes have been a popular choice, as you can open them up, wear them backwards, ect.

What forms of Payment do you accept?

We accept cash as well as all major credit cards.

Can I drink alcohol before my tattoo or piercing?

No! Not only can it impare your judgement, but it can thin your blood and make you bleed excessivly, leading to undesirable results with your new tattoo.

We do not make exceptions to this rule.

If you have been drinking, we will not tattoo you.

What are your tattoo prices?

The shop minimum is $200. Each artist has their own rates, but on average they range from $225 to $300 an hour

What is your Booking policy?

Booking Policy:

NON-REFUNDABLE Booking fee is required to make an appointment.  This ensures your time slot, and this comes out of the price of the tattoo when you get it.

Booking fees are typically $200- $250 but the exact amount is determined by your artist.  If you are working on a multiple session tattoo, your booking fee will roll over multiple sessions and be deducted off of your final session.

In the event you need to reschedule, we offer one complementary date transfer as long as your artist is given a week’s notice or more. 

If you miss your original appointment, or do not give adequate notice, you will have to leave another booking fee to schedule a new appointment, and your original booking fee will be forfeited.

In the event of multiple reschedules or missed appointments, your artist reserves the right to decline to keep working with you, or to require payment upfront and in full to complete your tattoo. 

This fee helps ensure artist compensation for their time. For tattoo designs, small alterations can be made to tattoo artwork, but if artwork requires full re-draws, or your concept changes significantly an additional non-refundable and non-deductable drawing free may be required at your artist’s discretion.  If multiple full re-draws are requested, your artist reserves the right to decline to do your tattoo for you, but the fees will still be non-refundable and applied to compensate for their time spent drawing.

Lastly, if you are sick or have been exposed to Covid, please let us know and we will reschedule your appointment and your booking fee will automatically be transferred.

Can I bring my friends?

Unfortunately,  no.  Due to covid-19 and new limitations in our capacity, we can not have any additional people in the shop at this time.  

Where can I park?

There is a parking lot directly across the street from our shop and there is also a garage on Vellejo between Columbus and Stockton. Otherwise, there is metered parking all over North Beach, but it can sometimes be difficult to snag a spot.