Exciting news! We now offer piercing to minors 16 and up.  This includes ear piercings, nose, navel, eyebrow and tongue piercings.

What to know:
Getting a piercing is an adult decision, so please treat it as such.

You must have your parent or legal guardian with you when you are getting your new piercing.

We need to confirm your identity and age.  We also need to confirm that the adult that is with you is your parent or guardian.

To confirm the identity of the minor we need one of the following:
*State issued ID
*Drivers license
*Military ID
*Birth certificate as well as a picture ID with a matching first and last name (A school issued ID will work as long as it has a photo)

We also need Identification from the parent/guardian:

ID must have matching last name and address to the child.

If the parents last names do not mach, we need to see paperwork to show the name change: this can be through divorce papers/ name change paperwork, or a previous ID that showed your last name before it was changed.

In the case of a guardian, we need to see legal documentation that you are the minors guardian.

We have a great selection of top-of-the-line NeoMetal & Industrial Strength titanium jewelry and have a piercer on staff every day of the week. So come on by, we’re ready for you!