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Located In The Heart Of North Beach, San Francisco

Tattoo Boogaloo a San Francisco Building located at 528 Green Street in North Beach
  • 528 Green Street
  • San Francisco, CA 94133
  • 415-391-1053

We are an appointment only tattoo studio, and we no longer offer piercing services. Please look through our portfolios and fill out a request form for your artist of choice. All artists do their own scheduling so it’s easiest if you contact them directly!

Hours Of Operation

We are open by appointment only, but you can usually find us from 1pm- until we are done. All week long.

View Artist Portfolios

A portrait of San Francisco Tattoo Artist Deanna Wardin


A portrait of Tattoo Artist Mez Love


A portrait of Tattoo Artist Chris Henry


A portrait of Tattoo Artist Stevie Varin


A portrait of Tattoo Artist Bony Tony (Anthony Hampton)

Bony Tony

Want To Schedule?

Please look through our portfolios, and fill out a request form for your artist of choice, as each artist is in control of their own schedules. Please note that wait times and availability can vary from artist to artist, and most artists are booked a few weeks or more in advance, but we do hope to tattoo you soon!

Boogaloo News

Guest Artist Coming soon!

From Oregon, watercolor tattoo artist Hunmin Nathan Ji, will be doing a guest spot here from May 8th through the 10th.  If you are interested in

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