We just wanted to wish you all a happy holiday season!  We have had one heck of a year, and we wanted to share some of our favorite tattoos and moments with you.  It is all of you who have supported and gotten tattooed by us, that made our year so dang delightful! Here are some recent and super fun pieces done by our Tattoo Boogaloo Artists:  From Left to right: Deanna Wardin, Mez Love, Chris Henry, Bony Tony, Stevie Varin.  If you want to see more work, please check out our portfolios or follow each of our instagram pages!

We have all gotten to see so many new and returning clients this year, and we thank you for that!  As a whole we have also done a fair amount of traveling, both for work and for adventure!  Rome, Indiana, Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Chicago, Seattle, and some new spots all over California are some of the places a Boogaloo may have been spotted this year.  We are so very fortunate that we have clients, other artists and friends all over who continue support our art and dreams!  For that, we thank you!
(Photo from Evergreen Tattoo Invitational in Oregon, Most of us Boogaloos with some of our best buds from Burnt Tiger Tattoo, Two Birds Tattoo, and Optic Nerve)

We have also had  a fun ghost hunt, karaoke night,  and camping trip together! We can only hope that next year is full as just as many adventures, friends and fun!

With Love,
The Boogaloo Crew!