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Tattoo Portfolio by Mez Love

Albrecht Durer
Banjo Gal
Ben's Brother
Cupcake and Makeup
Dia de los Parents
El Greco
Elvgren cover-up
Elvish flowers
Escher's Eye
Federico Fellini
Graduate Mom
Hip flowers
Horned Snake
King Diamond
Mucha in Blue
3 Eyed Einstein
Myrna Darby
Nouveau Octopus
Nurse Elvgren
Olive tree
Orson Welles
Pin up mechanic
Rio's Dad
Rocky Statue
Splattered Anemones
St Michael
Andy's Dad
Werner Herzog
WW2 Kitsch Sleeve
Bones Star Trek portrait tattoo
Star Trek sleeve tattoo
Creepy face portrait tattoo
Jean-Luc Picard portrait tattoo
Myrna Loy
I'm with Coco by Mike Mitchelltattoo
Dexter portrait tattoo
Goldfinch tattoo
Bluebirds tattoo
Charles Darwin caricature tattoo
Audrey Kawasaki girls tattoo
Gil Elvgren and cars sleeve tattoo
Gil Elvgren hula girl tattoo
Big Awesome
Daughter portrait tattoo
Grandfather memorial portrait tattoo
Mentor memorial portrait tattoo
Grandfather memorial portrait tattoo
Joe Strummer portraittattoo
Grandfather portrait tattoo
Grandfather portrait tattoo
Phil Hartman and George Carlin portrait tattoo
Gilda Radner portrait tattoo
Tom Waits portrait tattoo
Joe Strummer portrait tattoo
Billy Idol portrait tattoo
Billy Idol portrait tattoo
Madonna portrait tattoo
Alphonse Mucha's The Moon tattoo
Mayberry sleeve tattoo
Jellyfish tattoo
Mucha tattoo
Mucha North Star tattoo
Deanna sleeve tattoo in progress
Albrecht Durer sleeve tattoo
Life Is Beautiful tattoo
Ballet slippers tattoo
Creepy girl face tattoo
Zombie tattoo
Twin Peaks Sleeve
Windup aliigator coverup tattoo
Bloodroots tattoo
Sea turtle coverup tattoo
Universal Monsters sleeve tattoo
Tom Cupcake tattoo
Flower tattoo
Plumeria orchid tattoo
Abstract tattoo
Bay Bridge tattoo
River Phoenix portrait tattoo
Kari's sleeve tattoo
Snowflake tattoo

Traditional Media by Mez Love

Tesla Pastel
Bob Ferbrache pastel piece
David Eugene Edwards pastel piece
Dust mixed media / watercolor piece
Eye oil painting
Lester watercolor piece
Lord Dwight Pentacost pastel piece
Matson Jones pastel piece
Pearl watercolor piece
Slim and Munly pastel piece
Cyndi pastel piece
Jessi pastel piece
Noir pastel piece
Slim Cessna's Auto Club pastel piece
Smoke pastel piece
Tattooed man pastel piece

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