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Tattoo Portfolio by Mez Love

I specialize in portrait and realism tattoos.  What this means is that I work directly off of photographs to achieve this look. This does require very high quality and high contrast photos to work from.  Due to the high volume of regular clients I'm lucky to be working with at this time, I will only be taking on 1-3 new clients each month. I will go through all of these requests at the end of each month, please read request form thouroughly bfore submitting. High priority will be realism, portraits, and art nouveau. The more interesting or unique projects are, the more likely I am to work with you! Thank you for your interest and patience, it means the world to me!

To fill out my request form, please click here:

Occasionally I will come in on my day off (as to not make existing clients wait any longer than they already have to) for time and a half my normal rates. Time and a half day rate would be between  $1125-$1,900.   My availability is still limited, and it has to be a tattoo that I think I would be a good fit for as your artist, but feel free to e-mail me directly at for inquiries. Keep in mind I still only go through my emails once in the middle of each month, so it may take some time to get back to you.


Billand Ted
Day of the Dead Portrait
Lemmy Portrait
Fox Tattoo
Portrait Tattoo
george michael
Realism Back
Realism Bird
Motorhead Portrait
mick foley
Big Awesome
portrait tattoo

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