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I am not currently taking new clients, but I am actively going through my previous requests. If you submited, expect a response by April at the latest.  My request form will be back at the end of 2017.  Thanks for your patronage!

If you are an existing client, please e-mail me directly!

Moon tattoo
Abstract Deer Tattoo
Watercolor Elephant Tattoo
Table setting Tattoo
Grey Watercolor Tattoo
Rose tattoo
Watercolor Lego tattoo
Rocking horse tattoo
Poppy tattoo
tulip tattoo
Watercolor Bird
Watercolor Redwood Tree
Poppy Flowers
fun flowers
Rose Cover Up
Tiger Girl tattoo
Graphic Chestpiece
Quill Tattoo
Heart Tattoo
Black Bar
Cherry Blossoms
Dragonfly Tattoo
Poppy Tattoo
Watercolor leaves
Bird Tattoo
Celtic Cross
Paw tattoo
Watercolor Whale Tattoo
Heart Tattoo
Map Brushstroke
Watercolor text
Fish Tattoo
Rose Blessing
Geometric Design
Ornamental Tattoo
Humming Bird Tattoo
Type Tattoo
Lion Tattoo
Deer Tattoo
Crown Tattoo
Abstract Rose
Watercolor Bird Tattoo
Birds and Flowers
Heart Chestpiece
Fox Tattoo
Guitar Tattoo
Spine tattoo
Watercolor Tattoo
Street Art
Abstract Rose
rain tattoo
Joshua Tree
Linework tattoo
Abstract design
Flower Tattoo
Watercolor tattoo
Watercolor Flowers
Watercolor Aries Tattoo
Orhid Tattoo
Dragon Tattoo