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Tattoo Portfolio by Deanna Wardin

I am not taking new clients at the moment, sorry no exceptions; unless, you are wanting a large scale collaboration between Mez and myself... For more info on our collaborations, please click here:

If you put in a request earlier this year, I have started to go through them all, and will be getting in touch with you as soon as I can!   

If I have tattooed you before, you can e-mail me directly at If you are not an existing client, and you e-mail me, unfortunately it will go unanswered so I can focus on my existing clients. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for your interest in my work!

You can visit my personal website here if you are interested in my illustration or painting work.
You can also visit my Redbubble store where you can find my art printed on all kinds of things:


Abstract Purple Tattoo
Abstract Barcelona Tattoo
Geometric Golfer Tattoo
Abstract Watercolor Chest Tattoo
Abstract Watercolor Tattoo
Watercolor flowers tattoo
Watercolor Pitbull Tattoo
Watercolor Chicago tattoo
Watercolor Totoro Tattoo
Watercolor Poppy tattoo
Poppy Tattoo
Lace Dotwork Poppy Tattoo
Watercolor Octopus Tattoo
Sketch Watercolor Flower Tattoo
Abstract Watercolor Owl Tattoo
Brush Stroke Tattoo
Geometric Shell Tattoo
Watercolor Hotair Baloon Tattoo
Abstract Blue Rose Tattoo
Watercolor Sea Turtle Tattoo
Watercolor Pinecone Tattoo
Dotwork Tattoo
Watercolor Owl Tattoo
Bird Tattoo
Watercolor Flower Tattoo
Watercolor Rooster Tattoo
Watercolor Peony Tattoo
Grey Watercolor Tattoo
Watercolor Lily Tattoo
Watercolor Raven tattoo
Watercolor Peacock tattoo
Abstract Watercolor Rose
Watercolor Wave Tattoo
Watercolor Zen Backpiece
Watercolor Rose Tattoo
Abstract Heart Tattoo
hamsa hand Tattoo
Watercolor Cat tattoo
Watercolor Dance Tattoo
Raven Tattoo
Flower Tattoo
Jellyfish in Space Tattoo
Watercolor Flower Tattoo
Watercolor Bow and Arrow Tattoo
Watercolor Heart and Wing Chestpiece
Abstract SF Map tattoo
Geometric Bird Sleeve Tattoo
Dotwork Lace Belly Tattoo up
Geometric Watercolo Hourglass
Orca Tattoo
watercolor Geometric Fox tattoo
Watercolor Disneyland Rose Tattoo
Watercolor Snowflake Tattoo
Geometric Bird Tattoo
Sketchy Watercolor Heart Tattoo
Dotwork tattoo
Watercolor Manta tattoo
Graphic Heart tattoo
Nature tattoo
Abstract tattoo
Watercolor Heart and Wing Chest
Water Drop Tattoo
Abstract Bee Tattoo
Rose Tattoo
Abstract Watercolor Skull Tattoo
Watercolor Wolf tattoo
Watercolor Cheetha Tattoo
Watercolor Shell Tattoo
Space Sleeve tattoo
Watercolor Clownfish Tattoo
Sugar Skull tattoo
Watercolor Golden Gate Bridge Tattoo
Watercolor Koi Sleeve
Watercolor Geometric Cardinal Tattoo
Chair Tattoo
Watercolor Geometric Stag tattoo
Abstract Rib Tattoo
Raven Tattoo
Stencil Sunflower Tattoo
Ram Skull Tattoo
Watercolor Beta Fish Tattoo
Rainbow Heart Tattoo
Watercolor Sailormoon Tattoo
Abstract Watercolor Sleeve
Watercolor Kingfisher tattoo
Watercolor Poppy Tattoo
Watercolor Geisha tattoo
Poison Oak and Berry Tattoo
Watercolor Peter Pan tattoo
Skeleton Dog Tattoo
Watercolor Monkey Tattoo
Watercolor Dotwork Fixup
Cat tattoo
Watercolor Elephant tattoo

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