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Tattoo Portfolio by Deanna Wardin

My books are currently closed!  My requests will open summer or fall of 2018 for potential 2019 clients.

To be notified of when I open my books for tattooing, for travel announcements, special offers and new products, please sign up for my mailing list below!

If you are looking to get tattooed sooner, occasionally I will come in on my day off (as to not make existing clients wait any longer than they already have to) for time and a half my normal rates. Time and a half rates would be: $1125 half day and $2025 full day rate.  My availability is still very limited, and it has to be a tattoo that I think I would be a good fit for as your artist, but feel free to e-mail me directly at with subject line NEW INQUIRY.

If I have tattooed you before, you can e-mail me directly at

Thanks so much for your interest in my work!

Abstract Watercolor Sleeve
Lace and Flower Tattoo
Bluejay Watercolor and Dotwork Sleeve
Watercolor Robin Tattoo
Dotwork Wolf Tattoo
Watercolor Geometric Fox Tattoo
Watercolor Space Tattoo
Abstract Sleeve
Watercolor Pitbull Tattoo
Abstract Chestpiece Tattoo
Watercolor Nature Tattoo
Watercolor Ocean Sleeve
Watercolor Rose Tattoo
Watercolor Cheetha Sleeve
Sketchy Watercolor Heart Tattoo