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Tattoo Portfolio by Chris Henry

Here is a sample of my work.  I like to do a mix of traditional and illustration based tattoos.  I really love anything ocean or sea related. I also love all things Starwars. Nature and animal themes are fun as well, but I'd love to hear your ideas. If you are interested in my tattoos, you can email me at 

If you are interested in the other art that I do, please check out my store on Redbubble.  You can buy prints, shirts, cell phone cases, and so on. 

Find my store here :  SHARKBITES

Starwars Blaster Tattoo
Neo traditional girl tattoo with wolf cowl
Whale Tattoo
Small Hummingbird Tattoo
Rubber Duckie Touch of the Bubbly Tattoo
Poppy Tattoo
skull tattoo
Galaxy Tattoo
ocean girl and pirate boat tattoo
traditional anchor tattoo
clock rose tattoo
Gentleman Snail Tattoo
Owl in a top hat tattoo
Horshoe and Diamond tattoo
Traditional Rose Tattoo
Whimsical Tattoo
Sparrow Tattoo
unicorn tattoo
Little Bee tattoo
fox tattoo
Chess Piece Tattoo
Peonies Tattoo
Lily and Snake tattoo
Aurora Borealis Tattoo
zombie girl tattoo
Traditional Darth Vader tattoo
penguin tattoo
dark theme sleeve
Shark Tummy tattoo
Daisy Tattoo
Moon Tattoo
heart owl tattoo
columbine tattoo
pirate ship tattoo
Day of the Dead Cat
Neo-Traditional Clock and Dagger Tattoo
illustrative mermaid tattoo
soft flower tattoo
lighthouse tattoo
Starwars Anchor Tattoo
creepy hand tattoo
lantern tattoo
Skull Fix Up Tattoo
Razor tattoo
Bagpipe Heart Tattoo
heart tattoo
girl skull flea tattoo
Military tattoo
map tattoo
boba fett tattoo
Star wars wookie Tattoo
Trebel clef tattoo
panther head tattoo
Little Crab Tattoo
Starwars rose tattoo
Shark tattoo
Pirate girl tattoo
Traditional Cowgirl Kitty
Owl Skeleton Key Tattoo
Beautiful rose tattoo
shark tattoo
Element Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo
Crimson Ghost tattoo
Salvador Dali elephant tattoo
Hamsa Hand
Globe tattoo
Traditional sparrow tattoo
Pheonix tattoo
Samurai Sword tattoo
Poppy Tattoo
Princess Leia tattoo
Time tattoo
Dagger Tattoo
Horned Girl
Traditional Butterfly Tattoo
Mechanical Heart tattoo
Redwood Tattoo
Storm Trooper Elbow
Lighthouse Octopus
Micky Mouse into Tiger Lilly coverup
rooster tattoo
Starwars tattoo
Tuna Boat
wave Tattoo
Ornate Snail Tattoo
Zombie Betty Boop tattoo
Drunk Rat Tattoo
Hammerhead shark Tattoo
Puppy Portrait
Sasquatch tattoo
Family tattoo
Sugar Skull Tattoo
Cover-up tattoo
key tattoo
Cacti tattoo
dotwork tattoo
Jin stomach tattoo
Traditional dagger tattoo
Skull tree tattoo
Shark tattoo
eagle dagger tattoo