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Tattoo Portfolio by Chris Henry

I like to do a mix of traditional and illustration based tattoos.  I really love anything ocean or sea related. I also love all things Starwars. Nature and animal themes are fun as well, but I'd love to hear your ideas. If you are interested in my tattoos, you can email me at 

If you are interested in the other art that I do, please check out my store on Redbubble.  You can buy prints, shirts, cell phone cases, and so on. 

Find my store here :  SHARKBITES


Hand Tattoo
Wonder Woman
Onion Tattoo
Shark Tattoo
Moth Tattoo
Whale Tattoo
Blaster Tattoo
Ship Tattoo
Dagger Tattoo
Zombie Girl Tattoo
Ocean Tattoo
Starwars Tattoo
Poppy Tattoo
Aurora Borealis Tattoo
Throwing Knife Tattoo