Tattoo Collaborations by
Deanna Wardin and Mez Love

We are looking to do a very limited amount of projects, and we do require a few things for a collaboration to be successful:

We need to have part of the tattoo based off of a photograph, preferably a portrait, but animals, flowers, objects, ect, can work.  The way Mez works is based of of photographs, so a proper photo with correct lighting, etc, is necessary for the portion the Mez will be working on.

It needs to be in an area that is fairly large, so we properly use all of the techniques to illustrate both styles.  We prefer arm or leg sleeves, backpieces, chest or torso pieces, or tattoos that use multiple body parts for one image.  Pieces that are half sleeve sized are possible, but much smaller than that is not ideal for us to work our magic.

Be flexible with the design. The whole point in collaborating is to step outside of our comfort zones, experiment a little bit, and make things we couldn't have made on our own, by highlighting each of our strengths.

If you are interesting please fill out this request form: 

Here are examples of a few that we have done.

Chernobyl Sleeve Tattoo
Flower Tattoo
Plane Tattoo
Sparta Tattoo

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