New Merch in Stock!

Our classic Tattoo Boogaloo logo shirts and Hoodies are now back in stock! Come and get em!

Also Deanna has started a second business.  She is now the proud owner of graphicward… an alternative fashion enamel pin and small accessory shop. Selling what could only be described as bitter-sweet pin designs. Enamel Pins can be purchased at Tattoo Boogaloo, by visiting or through the links below!

You can also follow her pin instagram to stay up to date on new products, specials, discounts, and giveaways! FOLLOW ME!


Fundraiser for ACLU on January 21st!!!


Tattoo symbols displayed above.  All Tattoos will be on a first come, first serve basis. There will be beverages, and shirts for sale!  We hope to see you all there!  Links below if, you would like to donate to any of the three organizations that we are raising money for, but are unable to make it to the event.


Evergreen Tattoo Invitational

This year, Mez, Chris, Deanna, and Tony went up to the best darn convention that exists, up in Springfield Oregon.  The Evergreen Tattoo Invitational was a great experience, and we are so grateful to have been a part of it, and even more grateful for the hilarious and friendly folks and jokes that were made.  Can’t wait until next year!hopvalley


Please Vote for the us regardless of our sloganless plee.!

theboogalooI tried to think of a clever voting slogan, but it turns out, there is no such thing…please vote for us anyways!  YOU CAN VOTE HERE!

We have filled out an application to be part of a program through Chase that is generously giving away grants to small businesses.

We need at least 250 votes to be considered.  We are well on our way, but we could use your help.

What would we do with the grant money you ask?  Well we would update our ancient sterilization equipment, we would continue our education by attending conferences, conventions and classes.  We would expand our jewelry selection to be able to accommodate even more lovely people, we would start an online store, and we would  like to provide others with art supplies when they join us for art nights.   That’s what we will start with at least.

As always, we appreciate your continued support!

Boogaloo’s Gold Rush! 10% Off of Special Orders

for krista
It’s a gold rush! We carry fancy pants gold jewelry from both Neometal and BVLA as well as a few pieces from other reputable companies.  We have a selection of different tops and rings for various different piercings.

If you make a special order with us for a BVLA piece before September 15th, you will get 10% off of your order. This does not include pieces in stock, only new orders.  (Please note that the pieces are made to order and take an average of 6 weeks to come in)

You can browse their website here: and if you would like to get a price quote for anything, please e-mail, and include the product name and number as well as what type of gold you would like (Yellow, White, Rose, Black). They have really reasonable basics, as well as top of the line, genuine diamond and gemstone pieces, and they can even custom make pieces of jewelry, if you are looking for a one of a kind design.

Krista will then contact you and discuss size, gauge, and find out if it will be for a new or existing piercing, to make sure your jewelry will be perfect for you!



Congratulations Mez!

Mez Love Evergreen Tattoo ExpoLast month Mez went to the Evergreen Tattoo Expo in Oregon.  It was an invite only tattoo convention and it hosted some of the biggest and best artists around.

She won three awards:
*Best Tattoo of the Day,
*3rd place in realism
and, drum-roll please…
*Best in Show!

Yup, Best in Show… we are beyond proud of her for such an awesome accomplishment!

Deposit Policy

bloguploadLately there has been a little confusion about our deposit policy; this should help answer any questions you may have:

A Deposit is required to make an appointment.  This ensures your time slot, and the deposit comes out of the price of the tattoo when you get it.

Deposits are usually between $40-$100, the exact amount is determined either by the artist, or the person setting up your appointment and is based on the amount of drawing needed, or the extent of the work to be done.

If you are working on a multi session tattoo, your deposit will roll over so you can keep setting up appointments, and it will be deducted on your final session.

Deposits are non-refundable, but they can be transferred to a different date as long as 48 hours of notice is given.

If you miss an appointment, or do not give adequate notice, you will have to leave another deposit to set up a new appointment, and your original deposit will be lost.

This system is in place to ensure that our loyal customers take priority over people walking through the door without an appointment, and it also gives us the ability to try and fill time slots of canceled appointments, or to be able to call people on waiting lists.

The deposit also makes sure that your artist is at least somewhat compensated for their hard work drawing as well as their time in the event of a cancellation or no show.   

Thank you for being awesome, and we look forward to tattooing, and/or piercing you!