Deposit Policy

bloguploadLately there has been a little confusion about our deposit policy; this should help answer any questions you may have:

A Deposit is required to make an appointment.  This ensures your time slot, and the deposit comes out of the price of the tattoo when you get it.

Deposits are usually between $40-$100, the exact amount is determined either by the artist, or the person setting up your appointment and is based on the amount of drawing needed, or the extent of the work to be done.

If you are working on a multi session tattoo, your deposit will roll over so you can keep setting up appointments, and it will be deducted on your final session.

Deposits are non-refundable, but they can be transferred to a different date as long as 48 hours of notice is given.

If you miss an appointment, or do not give adequate notice, you will have to leave another deposit to set up a new appointment, and your original deposit will be lost.

This system is in place to ensure that our loyal customers take priority over people walking through the door without an appointment, and it also gives us the ability to try and fill time slots of canceled appointments, or to be able to call people on waiting lists.

The deposit also makes sure that your artist is at least somewhat compensated for their hard work drawing as well as their time in the event of a cancellation or no show.   

Thank you for being awesome, and we look forward to tattooing, and/or piercing you!

Schedule Changes!

Starting in December we will no longer be open on Wednesdays. This may change back sometime in the New Year, but for the mean time, we are going to enjoy the time off.

Also, every year we have an anniversary shop get together…

This year we were to booked out to have one, so it was postponed until the holidays.  This means we will be closed December 17th through the 20th so we can celebrate!!!

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, and If you need a gift idea, we do indeed have gift certificates available!



The shop had it’s acting debut thanks to Tim Burton and his crew

timburtonOn August 29th Tattoo Boogaloo was transformed into a vegetable stand for Tim Burton’s new movie “Big Eyes”

We snapped a few photos of the filming and even got one of Tim Burton himself so you could share the excitement of movie magic with us.

It was amazingly fun to watch the whole street time warp back to the 50’s and see how much work went into the shoot.  The whole crew was amazing!  I can’t wait to check out the movie… it’s about artist Margaret Keane. If you don’t know her story, you are in for a treat.

North Beach Festival Specials

Crazy Piercing Deals, This Weekend Only!
For the 59th Annual North Beach Festival

Come visit North Beach this weekend for all kinds of music, food, arts and great deals from yours truly, the peeps at Tattoo Boogaloo!

  • $125 for any Triple Ear Piercing Project: (save a minimum of $55!)
  • $10 off any piercing of your choosing
  • $5 off all jewelry $20 or more, including special orders

Ideas for triple ear projects are pictured above, keep in mind that ear anatomy varies from person to person, so not all options will work for all ears, but come on in, and we will find something to suit you.  You can start with titanium ball ends, prong set CZ,s or any of our beautiful opal sets.

We carry the best in implant-grade titanium body jewelry, select solid gold barbells and septum rings and have a great selection of organic plugs and earrings. Drop by and take a look!

We are open 11-11pm Friday & Saturday, 1-9pm SundayThursday.

Come in and check out our artists’ portfolios, pick up a sticker or two and enjoy the festivities!

Check out the 59th Annual North Beach Festival website for a complete event list!

Chris Henry’s new tattoo work.

Chris has been in Flordia for the past little bit, but he will be back and ready to work this week … if you are looking for something bright, bold and beautiful, he’s your man.

If you are looking for a new tattoo, you can call the shop at 415-391-1053 to set up a consultation with Chris or with another Boogaloo of your choice.

Just wanted to share some of his new fancy work… How could I not?


Piercing for minors, 16 and up… Yeah, we do that now!

Exciting news! We now offer piercing to minors 16 and up.  This includes ear piercings, nose, navel, eyebrow and tongue piercings.

What to know:
Getting a piercing is an adult decision, so please treat it as such.

You must have your parent or legal guardian with you when you are getting your new piercing.

We need to confirm your identity and age.  We also need to confirm that the adult that is with you is your parent or guardian.

To confirm the identity of the minor we need one of the following:
*State issued ID
*Drivers license
*Military ID
*Birth certificate as well as a picture ID with a matching first and last name (A school issued ID will work as long as it has a photo)

We also need Identification from the parent/guardian:

ID must have matching last name and address to the child.

If the parents last names do not mach, we need to see paperwork to show the name change: this can be through divorce papers/ name change paperwork, or a previous ID that showed your last name before it was changed.

In the case of a guardian, we need to see legal documentation that you are the minors guardian.

We have a great selection of top-of-the-line NeoMetal & Industrial Strength titanium jewelry and have a piercer on staff every day of the week. So come on by, we’re ready for you!